The Terrorsaurs began in 2010 with the track "Monkey Tremolo" featuring on THE compilation CD "NO WAY OUT". In 2014 El Guapo scored a deal with Wild Records, they released the 1st album "Schlock Singles", then "Atomic Lizard Party" in 2015. 2015 also saw two 7" singles on Dig The Fuzz Records - "Zillasaur" & "Schlocka Rolla".


After successful shows in Japan and europe, the Middle of 2015 saw the original line-up of El Guapo, King Fink & T.T.Shaker falling out, and The Terrorsaurs split up.

the Bass player King Fink paid to trademark the name so only he could use it

(Nice guy huh?)

El Guapo & T.T.Shaker continue in the original musical direction and record surf rock music as The Terrorsurfs.

King Fink continues with a new version of the Terrorsaurs - a "Rock n Roll band" they call it, though it's more a parody, or tribute to the original band.


You can find all of the TERRORSAURS back catalogue here in the shop.

All other Terrorsaurs recordings are a new band that only features original bass player King Fink. Most are "live" or "rehearsal" recordings, Not studio recordings.


If you want "the real deal" the Terrorsurfs continue to make kick ass surf rock. 2nd 'surfs album due out October 2017.



November 2015 "Zillasaur" download only album

- compilation of singles and rare tracks

September 2015 "Schlocka Rolla" 7" - Dig The Fuzz Records

June 2015 "Zillasaur" 7" - Dig The Fuzz Records

May 2015 "Atomic Lizard Party" CD Album - Wild Records

April 2014 "Schlock Singles" CD Album - Wild Records

2010 "Monkey Tremolo" on "No Way Out" comp CD