The Terrorsaurs began in 2010 with the track "Monkey Tremolo" featuring on THE compilation CD "NO WAY OUT". In 2014 El Guapo scored a deal with Wild Records, they released the 1st album "Schlock Singles", then "Atomic Lizard Party" in 2015. 2015 also saw two 7" singles on Dig The Fuzz Records - "Zillasaur" & "Schlocka Rolla".


After successful shows in Japan and europe, the Middle of 2015 saw the original line-up of El Guapo, King Fink & T.T.Shaker moving in different directions.

El Guapo & T.T.Shaker moved on to record surf rock music as The Terrorsurfs,

While King Fink took the Terrorsaurs in a new direction, more garage rock n roll.


You can find all of the 2014/2015 TERRORSAURS back catalogue here in the shop.


The new Terrorsurfs website is HERE


The new Terrorsaurs website is here





November 2015 "Zillasaur" download only album

- compilation of singles and rare tracks

September 2015 "Schlocka Rolla" 7" - Dig The Fuzz Records

June 2015 "Zillasaur" 7" - Dig The Fuzz Records

May 2015 "Atomic Lizard Party" CD Album - Wild Records

April 2014 "Schlock Singles" CD Album - Wild Records

2010 "Monkey Tremolo" on "No Way Out" comp CD